As we feared, providing “no-kill” fanatics with a state-funded opportunity to influence all of our shelters and distribute $50 million of taxpayer money has not improved the outlook for California’s most vulnerable animals. Rescues are packed, abandonment is rampant, and we continue to be inundated with reports that shelters are turning animals away. Failing to focus on spay and neuter has brought us to crisis levels of unwanted pets.

The articles linked below provide detail on what’s been happening.

Where Is Spay & Neuter?


By Cathryn Rakich
September 2023

Gov. Gavin Newsom included $50 million in the 2020-21 state budget to stop the killing of adoptable dogs and cats in California animal shelters.

It was a bold move. Then came the hard part. How should those dollars be spent? Where can they make the biggest impact?
Here’s where things went wrong…

Gavin Newsom spent $50 million to end animal euthanasia. So why are more pets being killed?](