Think you hate math?

Wait till you hear about kitten math!

That’s our geometric birth rate, which makes it possible for one pair of cats to produce 420,000 kittens in just about 7 years. It’s a devastating equation for my friends and family, fertile at four months and grandmas before our first birthdays. Many of us lose our homes for getting pregnant, then sadly watch as our babies have babies, and we all struggle to survive in a world that never planned for us.

There is a solution. It just takes people caring enough to stop the cycle early with a safe and simple surgery. Pet Assistance Foundation did that for me, and helps thousands of families do the same for their pets, so they can stay in their homes and enjoy long, healthy lives.

My name is Poppy, and I’m telling you this because I hope you will help. Kitten season–that’s when the breeding starts and the seeds of suffering are sown–begins next month. Please consider donating to Pet Assistance so they can continue saving my friends from the sad fate of being pregnant and unwanted. A gift from you would make a world of difference to someone like me. (And it’s tax deductible, which I’m told is a good kind of math.)