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Want to Adopt a Pet?

Our adoption process includes an application, contract and fee, a portion of which may be tax deductible. Depending on the needs of the pet, a home visit may be necessary. We screen homes carefully because after all, these animals have already been failed by humans once (or more). Our process is designed to create the best matches possible. All fees are used for the medical care and feeding of animals in our program. If you’re unsure about anything, please feel free to contact us! We’ll answer any questions you may have and we always ensure our pets are going to a loving, nurturing home. Petco Adoption Events »

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Want to Volunteer?

We’re excited to welcome you to our volunteer family! If you love helping animals or care about animal welfare, we have opportunities for you! We’re open to ideas and would love to hear your thoughts. Contact Us and let’s get started!

Adopt a Shelter or Rescue Animal

Adopting a pet in need of a home is a win/win/win situation. You win by adding joy to your life. Your new pet wins by gaining a loving home. Shelters or foster homes wine because you made space for another animal in need.

Volunteer Your Time

If you have a big heart, a little time, and want to make the world a kinder place or make a difference to someone who truly might not survive without you… we’d like to meet you! Contact us about becoming a volunteer.

Make a Donation

We’ll put your hard-earned money to work! All funding we receive goes directly to animals in need.

Spay or Neuter Your Pets

More pets are born than there are available homes. Help stop the relentless “fallout” of pet overpopulation: abandonment, strays, animals passed from one bad home to another, and high euthanasia rates in shelters.

Spread the Word

There are still people out there who don’t realize the importance of spaying and neutering. Some lack information, have misconceptions, can’t afford it, or need transportation. Help them find us. Together, we’ll work things out.

Go Grocery Shopping

Shop at Ralph’s or Food4Less (a branch of Ralph’s) and your groceries earn money for the animals! To sign up, visit, click on “Community Contribution”, then “Participant” and follow the prompts.

Adopt a Pet

Thank you for your interest in adopting!

Adopting a pet in need of a home is a win/win/win situation. Obviously you win by adding joy to your life. Your new pet wins by gaining a loving home and a chance to live out her normal life span—a chance denied to far too many. There is a third set of winners, too—by taking home the pet of your choice, you make space in the shelter or foster home for another animal in need to gain a chance at life. Sharing your happy experience with friends may encourage them to adopt, as well. The adoption fee you pay goes to the care of animals still awaiting families, and enables the rescues to keep up their good work.

On behalf of ourselves and the many homeless animals they’ve helped us save, Pet Assistance Foundation wishes to thank Petco for providing us with wonderful adoption venues!

Currently, three Pet Assistance Branches host weekend adoption events at Petco Stores. Some of our cats may be seen in person during the week at the locations below.


Rolling Hills Estates
Rolling Hills EstatesPetco Store
22 Peninsula Center
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

(310) 377-3091

Adoption Opportunities
• Cats: Daily
• Cats & Kittens: 1st & 3rd Saturdays/month 1-4 pm

DowneyPetco Store
8580 Firestone Boulevard
Downey, CA 90241

(562) 861-2093

Adoption Opportunities
• Cats: Daily
• Cats & Kittens: 1st & 3rd Saturdays/month 1-4 pm

LakewoodPetco Store
5215 Lakewood Boulevard
Lakewood, CA 90712

(562) 630-2888

Adoption Opportunities
• Cats: Daily
• Dogs & Kittens: Saturday Afternoons or by Appointment

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Breeders vs. Rescue Animals

Why breed or buy…while shelter pets die?

Our society produces more dogs and cats than we can provide proper care and shelter for. Many people either don’t realize, or don’t care, about the need to curb the breeding of cats and dogs. They think it will be fun to let their pets have babies, or that they will make money selling them. But the truth is, for every animal they allow to be born, they are causing one to die for lack of a home.

Last, but by no means least, each time someone chooses to adopt rather than buy from a breeder, we incrementally decrease the demand and perceived profit potential that motivates irresponsible, opportunistic breeders.

  • Please…adopt from a shelter or rescue. Lives depend on it.
  • Spay or neuter your pets…always.
  • Please consider donatingit’s tax deductible!


Pet Assistance Foundation is, and always has been, a volunteer-driven, grass roots organization. We are able to accomplish so much for the animals, and to make every dollar count, because of dedicated animal-lovers like you. The work is not easy. It’s hard to face the realities of pet overpopulation up close. It hurts. But perhaps the only thing worse than seeing the situation clearly, is turning away and not seeing it at all—because then, there truly is no hope.

  • If you have a big heart…
  • If you have a little time…
  • If you want to make the world a kinder place…
  • If you want to make a difference for animals…

We’d like to meet you!  Contact us and we’ll provide you with everything you’ll need to get started!

Hotline Volunteers

Pick up calls from the public and assist pet guardians in finding affordable ways to spay and neuter their pets. Educate callers on responsible pet care when needed. Alert PAF to situations in the community where animals are at risk. This is at the very heart of what we do. Hotline Volunteers work from home, usually 2-6 hours a week on a consistent schedule. Training is one day, with follow-up supervision.

Adoption Volunteers

Set up and breakdown tables, cages, etc. at one of our adoption venues. Help to match pets with potential families. Educate the public on pet overpopulation and proper pet care. Interact with the animals, including feeding and cleaning when required. This is a weekend position. Hours vary by location. Training is on-the-job, and ongoing.

Pet Care Volunteers

Feed, clean and socialize orphan pets at one of our Petco locations. The continued success of our program, and the comfort of our showcased cats and kittens, depends on the Pet Care Volunteers who tend to them. Pet Care Volunteers must be dependable and possess reliable transportation, as the animals count on them. Days and hours vary, but once agreed upon, must be consistent.

Your Donation Makes a Difference

It’s hard to face the realities of pet overpopulation. It hurts. But the only thing worse than seeing the situation clearly, is turning away and not seeing it at all. Because then, there truly is no hope. Help us give animals hope.